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Sometimes, the act of interfering alone is enough to scare off attackers.And yes, if somebody is actively and directly harassing you, and there’s no chance for you to remove yourself from the situation, definitely stand your ground, especially if you can get some help.Being a minority has never been easy, no matter when in history or where in the world.Whether you’re a black person in early 20th century US, a Christian in a conservative part of the Middle East or, well…While these risks aren’t exclusive to the LGBT community, a lot of them are increased if you don’t exactly identify as straight or cis.And while hopefully you’ll never, ever need to actually rely on these security measures, having them in place “just in case” is always a great idea.

Let’s take a closer look at some preparations you can make to ensure your date has a happy ending no matter what!And who knows, maybe sooner or later you’ll find the one you’re destined to spend the rest of your life with, even if it’s on a site for casual hook-ups like Grindr.Unfortunately, online dating comes with its own set of risks, and its own measures that need to be taken to ensure safety.A queer or trans person almost anywhere in the world.Unfortunately, while times change, human nature does not, and while hundreds of thousands of people across the globe are actively working towards pro-LGBT laws and legislations, it might take us another generation until gay, lesbian, bi, queer and trans folk is completely accepted without any sort of prejudice.

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