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Listed on the cloth plate of all Willcox and Gibbs machines are the patent dates along with a very clever mechanism to show the number of stitches to the inch.

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This section is for our members needing a more permanent listing, as for a sewing-related business.

A special Willcox and Gibbs hand crank mechanism was produced for the European market, but the overall shape of the machine remained the same for the whole of its production life.

Early models uued a thread with glass discs ans some of these have the Willcox and Gibbs badge on the back of the casting and a deeper wooden base than later models.

I do presentations to quilt guilds about using vintage machines, can send your program chairman information. Crocheted spool pin doilies in many colors - each. Lindalu West central Florida E-Mail: [email protected](Updated September 2016) This is Linda at Relics and we have over 3,000 different sewing machine user/instruction and servicing/repair manuals.

Please visit my website: Donna Kohler, Fresno, California Email: [email protected] [email protected][updated March 2013] Replacement bases for Singer and Singer clones, various types of wood. They date from the 1860's to much more recent items.

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