Who is chynna phillips dating

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Miss Phillips recalls that night in her controversial memoirs, published in a blaze of publicity in the U. My dad came back and started knocking on the door, yelling: "You've got my daughter in there!

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Mackenzie has a lot of mental illness,' Michelle said this week. More importantly, her disclosures serve to reveal the squalid underbelly of drugs and sexual decadence that lurked below the surface of the Sixties' hippy movement.

The next morning, the Rolling Stones frontman would wrap the girl in a fluffy white towelling robe, make her tea and toast, and ensure she was long gone by the time his blonde Texan girlfriend returned home.

One evening in January 1978, when Jerry was working in South America, Mick attended a party in the building thrown by one of his wealthy neighbours.

A fellow guest was his old friend John Phillips, ex-leader of hippy pop group The Mamas And The Papas, who had arrived at the soiree with his teenage daughter, Mackenzie.

But as they prepared the snack in the vast kitchen of his elegant home, Mick announced he was out of mayonnaise - and dispatched Phillips back to the party to find some. By the time Phillips returned a few minutes later, the priapic Jagger had bolted the door and was already in bed with the 18-year-old Mackenzie. 'We went into Jerry Hall's bedroom and had sex in their bed.

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