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She moves around the bridge until finally she comes to Spock. Without a word, she touches a band on her wrist and everyone is rendered unconscious. Enterprise is on a routine mission in deep space when a beautiful young woman beams onto the bridge.Smiling, she lays a hand on the Vulcan's head, as if she's found what she was looking for. Before the captain can find out where his first officer has gone, Mc Coy calls, demanding his presence in sickbay immediately.However, Mc Coy tells him if the Vulcan's brain isn't returned to his body within 24 hours, Spock will die.Kirk orders the starship in pursuit of the woman's ship.

Mc Coy, having fashioned a device which will control Spock's body without the aid of his brain, beams down with the Vulcan to join Kirk and his party.

By following their ion trail, the Enterprise arrives at the sixth planet in the Sigma Draconis system.

When Kirk and party beam down, they find a rough, frozen world inhabited by two peoples: the Morgs, who are comprised solely of men, who live on the surface in a primitive culture, and the Eymorgs, an all female group who live deep under the planet's surface.

Let’s celebrate Star Trek for it’s racial equality agenda, not for the fact that every female in it wore high skirts.

(Game Over image from the It should be noted that all opinions and theories offered up on this site are just that: opinions and theories.

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