Updating hard wired smoke alarms dating in shanghai

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Refers to the method of signal transmission utilized by an ALARM SYSTEM to communicate an emergency signal to a CENTRAL STATION.

The category itself is no longer being used but in order for an installation to have received a "AA Listing", the equipment and installation methods also had to meet a very strict standard.

It may also involve PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE (or FIRMWARE) that requires one event trigger to follow another within a specified (and usually programmable) time frame..

To further clarify, an ancillary device can provide either an input function (i.,e.

A method by which an alarm (or supervisory) event must undergo another process in order to confirm an actual condition exists which requires the activation of an OUTPUT DEVICE.

This may include the requirement for another independent device monitoring the same protected area to enter an ALARM state.

A good example of approval criteria can be found on the City of Vancouver's List of Approved Fire Alarm Verification Agencies.

Back to Top An individual or organization that adopts and enforces the codes, rules, and by-laws which govern the various concerns of a community.

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Class B fires also include flammable gases such as propane and butane.Commonly referred to as the "final authority" for any matters relating to LIFE SAFETY and BUILDING CONSTRUCTION within that specific community.A rechargeable source of standby power for the ALARM SYSTEM in the event of a power failure.The BATTERY is sized to take into consideration the number of INPUT DEVICES associated with the ALARM SYSTEM, the time required by CODE to operate in STANDBY and ALARM, and a safety factor (often referred to as a DE-RATING FACTOR).: When an INPUT DEVICE (such as a motion sensor) is electronically neutralized so that a FAULT on that sensor does not trigger an OUTPUT DEVICE.In the case of a MOTION SENSOR, this allows the occupants to freely move about while the BURGLAR ALARM SYSTEM is ARMED.

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