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I've got to read his book because I'm curious about what he says about how there seemed to have been a serial killer trend in the seventies and eighties that's kind of vanished now. Smiley Face killings but they don't get anywhere near the same police or media attention.]The official Jonestown research institute is run out of Cal State San Diego or something, and it's run by the daughter of the lady who financed the construction of Jonestown.

She's also the sister of the guy who shot the Jonestown armed guard who Congressman.

And RFK's last supper was with Sharon Tate and Polanski. They probably had more than one patsy in the area, it probably wasn't just Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Satanic Panic was always real, and Satanic groups were used by the CIA as hit squads. Manson was heavily "audited" by a scientologist while in prison, and then immediately started hanging out with the Church of Satan people when he was released.

Both sides (The Republican and the Democratic Party) are in on it and play their roles in public.

We're not supposed to draw all these connections though. The members are easy to brainwash, they carry out the most heinous crimes without conscience, and if they get caught, nobody will ever believe that they were members of a Satanic coven conspiracy.

Programmed to Kill was based on and expanded on Maury Terry's book: Maury Terry, author of the true crime novel "The Ultimate Evil" appeared briefly on Unsolved Mysteries to (promote his book and) expound upon his belief that:•The Son of Sam murders were in fact a series of ritual killings committed by a Satanic cult; •That David Berkowitz was a member of that cult; •That he didn't act alone; and, •Perhaps most frighteningly of all, that this Satanic cult is still active, and still killing.

I think the CIA pushed Charles Manson out of prison to use him as a possible patsy in the RFK assassination.

Manson was represented by some shady cia-type Beverly Hills lawyer, and Manson's jail buddy Krause was a mover and shaker in the music industry.

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