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They’ll carry the bare essentials but pack a few personal luxuries too.

Roads will comprise the majority of their trip, but they might find themselves on a dirt track every now and then.

Similarly to the Ridgeback Tour below, it’s built on the same design principles as the rest of the range but with an aluminium frame and budget drivetrain components.

The Dawes Galaxy range is one of the most popular touring bike lines in British bike stores, including at Evans Cycles* stores nationwide.

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They’re widely available in UK bike stores, including – you’ve guessed it – Evans Cycles*.

As well as all of the usual considerations, the Sutra is progressively-minded too with powerful disc brakes and plenty of scope for non-touring use.

The nimble and sporty cyclocross-inspired steel frameset is a highlight.

They’ve bumped up the price over the last couple of years, putting it at the top end of the budget category.

Most cycle tourists are not breaking records, but they do want to feel like they’ve got somewhere at the end of a day.

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