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So, be aware that this is a possibility and keep a watch out. And like in all other areas of life, they are happy to “Ganbaru”, “try my best”, with all the enthusiasm of a little kid opening presents from Santa.

I always like to probe any Japanese girl I’m dating for what her parents relationship is like as a good indicator of whether I can expect her kind, giving behavior to continue. One thing that makes Japan a really great country is that there is a lot of variety in terms of how people live their lives.

I find it really ironic that Korea has managed to create media that connects with and excites the masses in a way that living in Korea …just doesn’t.

In fact, Korea is far more inhospitable to foreigners than Japan is.

On top of that they have a great media machine creating talent …and pushing it out to all corners of the globe over the past few years.

Those who have experience dating Korean girls lament the chasm between the images put out through k-pop and the reality of dating in Korea, though.

This obviously means that they really know how to unwind from the stresses of daily life. They love to dress well and look their best at all times. They love it, or pretend to love it until you work out what really pushes her buttons.

They also get into all sorts of niche hobbies and sub-cultures that keep them quirky and your interest sparked. I know of no other country where girls can look so cute and cuddly and so sexually alluring all at the same time. Japanese girls are up for it, so long as the guy they like likes them back.

(Many commenters felt that this post is dehumanizing to Japanese women, objectifies them and promotes a fetishization of Japanese women.What’s more, because it’s totally normal and acceptable for singles to live at home, almost all of the money they make goes directly into their own pockets.Free room and board(usually), means they live and eat for free or close to it.Sometimes it’s a 40, 50 or 60 something who tells me “I just woke up one day and realized that this was not the life I wanted for myself. Have you sat down for more than 5 minutes to think about what you want your life to look like? Man’s search for meaning, by Viktor Frankl is a book I quoted above because it’s by far one of the best books regarding finding purpose in life.Beyond just bullshit shallow statements like “Six-figures, 3 kids, slim & healthy” — I have struggled with this for years — Like most 20 somethings, right out of college I did what I was “supposed” to do — I got a job and joined the 9 to 5 grind. My job sucks but I don’t know what other kind of work I’d like. Viktor talks about how he was dying in a Nazi concentration camp, and the only thing that not only helped him to stay alive, but also find a sense of purpose while all the other people around him slowly died.

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