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The critical of these comes when he is flung into an arranged marriage with a princess of his choice, the outcome of which will both unite and divide the ideals of the kingdom. He had been consulted beforehand this was a matter of alliances and not a matter of the heart, and that was reflected in his introduction to the sharp-tongued individual.

Camilla herself is a sharp-tongued Chief Justice of her native land and values the justice system and the laws that make it more than any romantic intentions.

Kem and Amber are favourites to win the show with odds from Betfair at 4/6, whereas Jamie and Camilla are in hot pursuit with odds of 13/5 and Chris and Olivia at 3/1.

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Lauren’s nose flared like it usually did when she was angry, her chest heaving up and down, before her hands grabbed Camila’s face, and crushed her lips against hers.

The brunette bombshell has stolen the hearts of the nation with her charm and selflessness on the ITV2 show.

And her relationship with Calvin Klein model Jamie Jewitt has proven a big hit with viewers.

I also think her character development was WAY better than the rest, especially when she starts to warm up to your character and show that there's a beating heart underneath those scales. Dragon Commander needs more recognition and I'm glad you did your part.

I really wish the game would have dragged out their relationship further though.... Here's hoping Larin studios does a sequel to Dragon Commander after they're done with original sin 2.

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