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The alleged killer's defense attorney argues, however, the slaying was born of the victim, a convicted sex offender, who had sexually assaulted his client. Grinnell, 25, took to the stand in the courtroom of Iosco County District Judge Christopher P. 5, during the preliminary examination of his 20-year-old codefendant, Daniel J. Olar is charged with open murder in the death of Roger L.Knickerbocker II, while Grinnell is charged with conspiracy to commit open murder.Another way is generating more awareness of what constitutes sexual consent.In recent years, many institutions have adopted a more detailed definition of sexual consent, sometimes called "affirmative consent" or "yes means yes." At Ferris, consent must be given, either through words or mutually understandable actions, for each sexual act.Calvin will also use the dollars to bring in public speakers, purchase a Rape Aggression Defense System suite and increase the amount of self-defense training on campus.

"When we know about it, the colleagues I work with do incredible work," she said.The grants were announced in early November by First Lady Sue Snyder, who has made combating sexual assault part of her mission.The issue has been thrust into the national spotlight in recent years, and the U. Department of Education has placed a growing number of colleges and universities under investigation for allegedly mishandling their response to campus sexual assault. A federal investigation of Michigan State University concluded in September, with officials finding that MSU violated Title IX, the federal legislation that prohibits gender discrimination.At the time, Knickerbocker was living in a small house at 5851 Snyder Trail, located about 1.3 miles from Grinnell's step-brother's home.Olar had recently stayed at Knickerbocker's house, records indicate.

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