Sex dating in bermuda

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They are mostly 35 years old or more, 60 percent with college degrees and annual income of at least US$ 75,000 per person.

A high 35% to 40% are repeat visitors earning much more each and staying an average of 6.2 nights, the majority in April through October.

In contrast to the cheery and playful comments above, other travelers to Bermuda have offered these more cautious observations.

” “I’ve been to Bermuda many times and yes there is a gay scene…although its not a huge one…heck there aren’t that many people that live there.If you’re looking for P-town or Fire Island redux – this isn’t it. But there is no problem with gay people in Bermuda except perhaps for a small minority of religous nuts. ” All is not sweetness and light of course here–as everywhere in the Caribbean.It is a conservative area of the world having been settled by Catholic and Protestant settlers and Africa slaves, followed by the Christian missionaries over the centuries.The ethnic makeup of Bermuda is 54.8% black (descended from slaves), 34.1% white, and 6.4% multiracial.A significant segment of the white population is of Portuguese ancestry (10%), the result of immigration from Portuguese islands (especially the Azores) during the past 160 years Although usually referred to as a single location, Bermuda actually consists of 181 islands, with a total area of 53.3 sq km (20.6 sq mi).

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