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I imagine being an RN at a hospital and coming home to my amazing wife and kids.

We all take vacations and go hiking and plenty of family time.

"He's attacked my leadership and the leadership of the whole City Council."On the suggestion for running for mayor, Starr said, "I really appreciate his endorsement.

I'll take it under advisement."The date for the election has not been set but campaign season has started in earnest.

The reality is, they were wrongly informed," Flynn said.

"If somebody approaches you and ask, 'Do you want your rates lowered? "Flynn said in the campaign to keep his job, he will let voters know that the city had no choice but to raise rates."The rates were raised because they weren't raised incrementally.

He said with Starr's rate repeal and recall effort, the natural course is for Starr to run for the council's top post."I don't want to run against Aaron.

I do think he has really raised the stakes to where I can't see how he can do anything else but to run for mayor," Flynn said.

"Certainly that will be what I'll say as I go door to door."City officials say the rate increases are needed because expenditures had been outpacing revenues and banks were taking notice as the city continuously failed to meet bond obligations from past debt.They also said the wastewater infrastructure is old and crumbling as evidenced by the most recent sewage spill to the ocean last month.Ramirez said her vote on the rates was about the health and future of Oxnard."I don't want to be on council when the city goes bankrupt," she said.Oxnard voters will be asked whether the officials should be fired for their record on supporting utility rate increases.Recall organizer Aaron Starr submitted about 17,000 signatures supporting a recall for each of the four elected officials.

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