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There’s little chance to linger when three people with laptops are eyeing your table because it’s the only one next to the electrical outlet. So here are some tips for making them more successful: 1) If you’re set on coffee, at least plan the date at an interesting café or hotel with a pretty patio or view.“I know this great place where they roast their own beans and the baristas sing opera,” is a lot more tantalizing than “Well, I guess we can meet at Starbucks.” I will never forget a date who promised to take me out for the “best hot chocolate in New York city.” I looked up the café online and learned about the kind of chocolate they used and how they served it with homemade marshmallows.

If you’re suggesting a coffee date, you’re approaching the meeting from a place of caution and convenience rather than unabashed confidence that you’re going to hit it off so well you’ll probably be spending New Year’s Eve together.

Are you disappointed that he doesn’t want to take you out for a romantic dinner date and thinks of you only as "coffee worthy? If you are only having coffee, no one is getting tipsy and saying things he or she might regret the next day. ” I should have known right then how superficial he was. He’d most likely have have a quick Frappucino and would have been outta there stat.

" Or, are you relieved because meeting for coffee is quick and safe? Alcohol can also cause people to lose control and take things a little further physically that they otherwise would have had they been drinking espresso instead of wine. He obviously didn’t think I was as hideous as he expected, so it was okay to spent more time and money with me. Coffee most likely means less time and money spent. I once sat in a Starbucks with my boyfriend until they closed at pm.

If your date has a jam-packed schedule, find a time when he or she will be more relaxed, such as after a workout.

Resist squeezing in dates between hard time commitments.

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