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Most shocking, despite Agency insistence to the contrary, was the documented evidence that their mission of controlling the human mind bore significant fruit.

As an aspiring historian, I set off to work on turning over every stone related to covert intelligence activities and other suppressed history and began publishing my research on a blog titled ' The Peoples History'.

They took the dog to an animal hospital for treatment and named him Ollie. Police later arrested Brendan Evans, 31, who is facing 17 counts of aggravated animal cruelty.

That's a risk right now.'After an autopsy was performed on Madie, a second BB fragment was discovered in her body, leading investigators to believe that she had been shot before the December 3 incident.Police in Hollywood, Florida, heard crying coming from a blue suitcase in an abandoned building at around 1am on October 10.Inside, they found the bloody dog with deep cuts on his head and body.Max has been heard crying and yelping in Madie's absence.The incident has so traumatized him that he now hesitates to go outside.

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