Obese people dating website

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I used to spend hours manually scrolling through each potential match’s questions until I found out how they answered one question in particular.

It goes like this: As a fat woman, it is basically imperative to me that any of my potential matches answer “No” to this question if I’m going to seriously consider meeting them IRL. (Almost as soon as OKC announced the change in search options, people on the interwebz began to consider what the change meant in relation to questions on OKC that address racial preferences in dating.

If you ever dreamt of a place where you can find new friends, fat singles and admirers. This site brings the like –inclined singles closer according to their interests.Then you can choose and enjoy dating without the fear that you will be rejected due to your extra fat.Not only obese people but those who are interested in overweight men and women can also make their profile in the site and search the beautiful match for them.(Or, , have an awkward date with and then never speak to again).I’ve been waiting for OKC to allow users to search by match question answers for a long, long time.

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