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In this, the parallel volume to The Boundaries of 'the Japanese': Volume 1: Okinawa 18681972 (Trans Pacific Press, 2014), renowned historical sociologist Eiji Oguma further explores the fluctuating political, geographical, ethnic and sociocultural borders of Japan and the Japanese from the latter years of the Tokugawa shogunate to the mid-20th century.

It focusses first upon the northern island of Hokkaido with its indigenous Ainu inhabitants, and then upon the mainstays of Japans colonial empire Taiwan and Korea.

This collaborative work between primatologists and anthropologists shows that the understanding of pre-institutional phenomena in the world of non-human primates is essential to modern human institutions.

This book is a fascinating exploration into how European attitudes that measure human achievements according to the extent of control over nature is a cultural and historical product of the ancient Middle Eastern and Mediterranean world.

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Professor Hirota himself has spearheaded research in physical chemistry for more than four decades in Japan and the United States, with cutting-edge engagement with magnetic resonance, spectroscopy, and photochemistry.

This publication invites specialized researchers to traverse the pathways along which the subject developed into its present form and to understand how their own research fits into the broad scope of science as a whole.

Part II focuses on how Gods pronouncements concerning animals in the Old Testament came to take unique forms in the ancient Middle East reflecting the relationships between city-states ruling chiefs as large herd owners and local pastoralists as entrusted shepherds pivoting around domesticated animal life.

This book is a comprehensive account of the nativist movement in Japan today.

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