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My Uncle Bernie was the Musical Director of Billy Smart's Circus for several years which is where he and my father were reunited many years after the war ended. This could have been one of many jobs, from road repairs to docks work etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated by us. He was imprisoned Changi on , and then went out on work parties.I never got to know him, and Im very keen to understand what he went through - so that I can honour him better Dear Mike, Thank you so much for the information on my grandfather, Henry Walter Porter Leonard. This will not be a 'trigger warning', unless it reaches someone who understands, in which case it may be a help.

This shipment consisted of 189 RAF, 109 Army, 2 Navy and 1,615 Dutch.

I just wondered if you could find out if he was kept at that camp of if he was moved elsewhere and if possible what he died of. Gunner Norman H A Wade, 836497, 118 Field Regiment, of Hazel Avenue, Maidstone , Kent. I was told that after the war, he married and had children in Japan and never came back to the USA.

Imprisoned Changi, sent to the Burma/ Siam Railroad on as part of 'S Party'. 118 Field x 226 men, 88 Field x 192 men, 148 Field x 180 men, RE x 49 men and just 3 of RAMC. Lance Corporal Norman Clayton, 3859040, home address 104, Jubilee Rd, Haslingden, Rossendale, Lancs. I have sent an email to Chris Lawton on her/his G-Granddad Gunner CA Thornton 1071371.

Lots more detailed information on Tony Banhams website: Just found this fascinating site. Died 1/10/42 age 27 Bandsman 6201856 Middlesex Regt Remembered on Sai Wan Memorial. wife describe it as "they don't have a clue, expecting to be considered heroes for trying to get out of Butlins" The Jap p.o.w's wives, and their children, paid a high price for things their men couldn't even speak about. Address shown as 23, St Andrews Street, Mildenhall, Suffolk.

Those wives are mainly now passed on, but no do-gooding charity even for a moment gives a thought or mention, let alone a helping hand, to the wreckage caused and the people left. Imprisoned Changi until when he was sent OVL by train to the Siam Railroad. He returned to Singapore on the completion of the railroad, and went into River Valley camp. When he died on he was buried at TAGRI which I believe is TAGIRE Camp.

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