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How Cusco was specifically built, or how its large stones were quarried and transported to the site remain undetermined.Under the Inca, the city had two sectors: the urin and hanan.After this had been stated by the idol, Ayar Oche turned into a stone, just as he was, with his wings.Later Manco Capac went down with Ayar Auca to their settlement..liked the place now occupied in this city Cuzco.In English language publications both "s" The city's international airport code is still CUZ, reflecting the earlier Spanish spelling.The Killke people occupied the region from 900 to 1200, prior to the arrival of the Inca in the 13th century.

Ayar Oche came from where the Sun was and the Sun had ordered that Ayar Manco take that name and go to the town that they had seen.Cuzco was the standard spelling on official documents and chronicles in colonial times, As both Spanish and Quechuan pronunciation have evolved since then, the Spanish pronunciation of 'z' is no longer close to the Quechuan pronunciation of the consonant represented by 'z' in "Cuzco".In 1976, the city mayor signed an ordinance banning the traditional spelling and ordering the use of a new one, Cusco, in municipality publications.Archaeologists have suggested that this city plan was replicated at other sites.The city fell to the sphere of Huáscar during the Inca Civil War after the death of Huayna Capac in 1527.

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