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T and J Nelson MARGARET CREIGHTON GARDENS Built 1932, named after wife of twice mayor Archibald Creighton CAIH p89 Interior photo City Minutes 1931-32 64 dwellings for aged persons on the Old Greystone site nearing completion City Minutes 1931-32 p726 Laings the contractors; estate to be called Margaret Creighton Gardens CJ Photo; civic opening City Minutes 1932-33 p114 Tender accepted for erection and furnishing of Recreation hut CJ p7 MARGARET SEWELL SCHOOL Strand Road; named after Margaret Jane Sewell, member of the Carlisle School Board For history pre 1940 see HIGHER GRADE SCHOOL; school transferred to new buildings of which first sod cut and foundation of boys school (Creighton School) laid ; official opening ; amalgamated with the Creighton School CJ p5 CN p5 CN p5 CJ p1 Pupils occupying CJ p4 Opening day City of Carlisle Education Week 1958 p22, 24, 41 photos of school in 1958 ENS p1 M. girls join protest march CN p9 Calling old class mates MARGARETS JEWELLERY STALL; The Market CN p36 Feature; 35 years if success, run by Hardmans MARGERY STREET Named after Margery Jackson, the Carlisle Miser; adjoins Jackson Street; Brothers William and Matthew Johnstone, builders, partnership dissolved in 1907 after close upon 20 years; responsible for Margery St and Jackson Street [Obit of Matthew Johnstone CN p11] City Minutes 1898/99 p432 Approval for 14 houses MARINA CRESCENT Named after Princess Marina who married the Duke of Kent ENS pp8-9 (illus) Goodbye Beirut?ENS p16 (illus) Groups have say in estates new look MARK, John Nail manufacturer employing 12 men, born Thursby, aged 50, home address Russell Street, Botchergate [1851 census]; nail maker and iron merchant, aged 60, home 2 Russell St, born Thursby [1861 census] 1861 Morris and Harrison directory ad p 10 Iron merchant, 2 Mary St MARK, Joseph Portland Place Carlisle the Archive Photographs p90 Photo of butchers shop MARK, W. Tyne Street Ice and cold stores CD 1905-06 Ad p101 CD 1907-08 Ad p6 CD 1910-11 Ad p8 CD 1913-14 Ad p6 MARKET - COVERED In 1799 Butchers Shambles moved to Old Bluebell Lane between Fisher Street and Scotch Street; [Woods 1821 Map of Carlisle marks this market] ; enlarged in 1854 to include butter and egg market; additions made in 1879; foundation stone of new market laid ; new market opened ; major refurbishment began in 1989, phase one opening on Local Government Octocentenary booklet pp 63-68 1BC 352 CIC2 pp10-11Photos of construction and Scotch St entrance CAIH p41 Carlisle in old picture postcards view 30, 31 and 32 CP p1a Butter and Egg market move to New Market from 16th Feb 1887 Roman finds when building new covered market CWAAS OSVol 12 p360 CP p6 Laying the foundation stone of new market City Minutes p 234 item 405 Clock for New Market from Potts of Leeds CJ Opening of new market City Minutes 1920-21 pp 331-2 Withdrawl of all restrictions on letting stalls CJ p1 Illustration of interior - annual dog show CJ p1 12,000 improvements CJ p1 Markets scheme explained (plan) CN p7 Tenants vain protest of sunset closure CJ p3 Market blackout problem ENS p1 Market opened for poultry sales only ENS p7 Plans for development of markets west bay ENS p1 Basket Row ENS p3 Letter ENS p9 Basket Row traders cannot go back Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p53 19 interior photographs ENS Supplement ENS Supplement Steel and sandstone shell ENS pp13-15 ENS pp18-19 ENS p1 City markets hygiene shock ENS p15 Traders hit back ENS p1 Crisis in market place (rents) ENS pp11-13 Adverts ENS pp14-15 Adverts 175 Years of Carlisle p101 photos of interior in 1980s; p115 interior CN p4 Citys new market a big step forward CN p4 City riot of colour for Hall opening CN p21 Stallholders at war over market plan CN p8 Uproar in the market CN p19 Shoppers split over city market plans CN pp1,14 Market moves CN p4 Victorian opposition to market plan CN p1 New look for market plans CN p4 City markets have long history CN p5 Fighting on over plans for market CN p10 Itd better be right CN p3 Market decision is a blow or traders CN p4 Rate rise hit market facelift CN p1 City traders quit market CN p9 Market deal is revealed CN p4 Memories of market and Rickergate CN p4 Malt Shovel memories CN p4 A Victorian landmark CN p1 Stalled by rent rise CN p22 Market delay CN p9 Attack on market stalls CN pp10,23 (illus) Making the most of the market CN p18 (illus) Its a light in the dark CN p6 Market crisis CN pp1,10 City market rents shock CN p1 Empty market in crisis CN p3 Labour market flop slammed CN p23 Market mystery CN p1 Fears for city ghost market CN p12 Harsh truth about the market CN p1 Market firm in takeover CN p1 Breaking point at the market CN p3 Another market trader pulls out CN p1 Trader kicks up 20,000 stink CN p3 City hits back in row over drains CN p11 Boom time for city creche CN p3 Council taken to task by Earl CN pp1,12 City market counter attack CN p11 New plans for market CN p6 Secret plans to rescue market CN p7 1m rescue bid CN p1 Market may get off ground CN p17 Carlisle market plans rejected CN p3 Too high rents drive butcher out of market CN p5 Butcher closure blow to doomed market CN p16 Shopping a pleasure (Ad) CN p3 Up market university CN p10 Cup of sorrow as market cafe closes CN p5 Campus deal with market abandoned CN p11 When sugar and spice and all things nice were at market ENS p1 City market faces new row over hygiene CN p5 Talks on control of market CN p4 Market decision CN p3 Riddle of markets closed shutters CN pp1,10 Wrangle threatens market CN p5 Market crisis grows CN p3 Higher rents nail in coffin CN p3 (illus) City of future has stalls on streets ENS p11 (illus) From covered market to new theatre?Probably they had, or pretended to have; but they certainly had not got the full liberties claimed in this charter of Edward III, for in 1195 they are negotiating for liberty adfacienda sua negotia. He also wrote the work a little increases here [CWAAS ns Vol 47 pp195-7]; chapel built in Fisher Street 1785 (opposite side of street to present site); charitable trusts for the Methodists 43, 58, George III, 1 George IV, Primitive Methodists of Willow Holme 7 George IV [CWAASns Vol 2 p356]; new chapel built in Fisher Street in 1817 [Parson and White 140] Primitive Methodism in the Carlisle Circuit Past and present 1807-1907 M760 CN p10 CN p10 CN p12 CJ p7 CJ p2g Primitive Methodist Chapel, Willow Holme - reopened CJ Upperby Primitive Methodist Church; new chapel opened Camp meeting in city celebrating Primitive centenary CJ p4 Origins in Carlisle of Primitive Methodism CN p2 Circuit formed ENS pp9,10 At Currock METHODIST CENTRAL HALL Methodist Chapel opened ; new organ at Weslyan Church Fisher Street ; Fisher Street Chapel last service ; foundation stone of new chapel laid April 1922 ; Opened CN p6 CN p10 CN p10 (illus) CN p13 Carlisle an illustrated history p42 photo of 1817 chapel Carlisle Examiner p2d Weslyan Chapel Fisher Street reopening Carlisle People and Places p97 Photo of laying foundation stone in 1923 CJ pp 4,7 (illus) Opening ceremony CN p12 Opening ceremony CN p5 25th anniversary CJ p2 25th aniversary CN p13 (illus) Redecoration V.A charter of the 9 Elizabeth states that it was agreed that the government of the city should be the mayor, with eleven worshipful persons of the city. Coleman; 1992-93 Harold Evans; 1993-94 Jayne Armstrong Prewitt; 1994-95 James Paisley; 1995-96 Alfred Brumwell; 1996-97 Craig Johnson; 1997-98 John Metcalfe; 1998-99 Heather Bradley; 1999-00 John Collier; 2000-01 Ray Knapton; 2003-04 Judith Pattinson; 2004-05 Ralph Aldersey; 2005-06 Sandra Fisher; 2006-07 Peter Farmer; 2007-08 Elizabeth Mallinson; 2008-09 Jacqui Geddes CN p4 Parish mayors excuse for making merry CN p5 Mayor nomination debate rekindled CN p3 Choice of mayor move CN p10 Let the Tories into Parlour CN p5 (illus) Row looms as city sets aside 4,000 for mayoral gifts CN p1 Stay at home deputy mayor has let people down CN p7 Elected mayor too powerful CN p5 My goal for Carlisle (John Collier) CN p2 City gears up for decision on an elected mayor CN p12 Opinion Who wants to be the Carlisle Mayor? White Carlisle and its villages, p 11 drawing in 1987 CN p13 Plaque records history CN p9 90,000 plan to adapt church for disbaled on course CN p3 Final service on Sunday; spiralling costs CN p1 Last service in church pp1,3 [illus] CN p83 City Methodist Hall for sale METHODIST CHAPEL CECIL STREET see CECIL STREET METHODIST CHURCH METHODIST CHAPEL CURROCK ROAD see CURROCK METHODIST CHURCH METHODIST CHAPEL GRAHAM STREET see GRAHAM STREET METHODIST CHAPEL METHODIST CHAPEL LOWTHER STREET see LOWTHER STREET METHODIST CHAPEL METHODIST CHAPEL UPPERBY see UPPERBY PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHAPEL METHODIST CHAPEL CALDEWGATE Opened ; became Methodist Church Wigton Road; see below CJ p2 Carlisle in Camera 2 p32 view of Sunday School on outing METHODIST CHURCH HARRABY Society was formed in 1946 and met in Cavaghan and Grays canteen CJ p1 (illus) Prefabricate erected CJ p1 Opening CN p5 Opening CN p1 Church Hall CJ p1 New organ METHODIST CHURCH MORTON Opened CJ p6 (illus) Opening METHODIST CHURCH UNION STREET/RYDAL STREET Foundation stone of Sunday School laid ; services held here until church built next door, foundation stone of which laid ; opened 1891; church closed August 1990 when the congregation merged with Methodist Central Hall, Fisher Street; building demolished October 1991 CN p4 Youth club gone but not forgotten Over the Garden Wall; life of Donald Scott pp 9 - 11 photos and description METHODIST CHURCH WIGTON ROAD Foundation stone ; opened See also above Methodist Chapel Caldewgate which was its predesessor CN Artists impression of proposed design CN p13 150,000 appeal to chop top off leaky tower METHODIST CHAPEL WILLOWHOLME 1825 scheme for launching erection of chapel in Willow Holme; chapel opened for public worship in 1826; congregation moved to new Cecil St Chapel in 1852 Charitable Trust for Primitive Methodists of Willow Holme, 7 George IV [CWAASns Vol 2 p356] Primitive Methodism in the Carlisle Circuit Past and present 1807-1907 p18 M760 1829 Primitive Methodists have a small chapel in Willow Holme [P&W 1829 p140] Jefferson, S History...It is now moved from its original position and is just for show.CWAASOSVol 7 p238-9 Old Market Bell inscribed 1584; now in museum CJ Concerning vote to abolish ringing Market Bell CWAAS Old Series vol XIII p338 Ringing the Market Bell MARKET CROSS see CROSS MARKET GARDENERS see ATKINSONS OF BOTCHERBY; CLARK BROTHERS; HUTTON BROTHERS; LITTLE AND BALLANTYNE; WALTONS MARKET HALL CN p4 (illus) CN p4 CN p3 CN p4 (illus) CJ p1 Problem of lighting CJ p2 Market blackout problem ENS p1 Storm over closure of markets west bay ENS p1 Housewives found chaos ENS p1 Market basket row ENS p9 City markets committee accused of highhandedness CN p4 History CN p11 Public get say in Market Hall plans CN p9 Market firm chosen CN p4 City riot of colour for Hall opening CN pp8-9 (illus) An old favourite gets a brand new lease of life CN p1 City rejects allegations of Market Hall indifference MARKET - PIG Carlisle Examiner p2e Urinal MARKET PLACE See also Pedestrianisation; Market-Street, Market-covered-bell CN p5 (illus) CJ p5 (illus) CJ p1 (illus) CN p6 CP p2d Sale 3 houses in Market Place, large shop; built last 25 years 1835 Nutter painting depicting Market Place [175 Years of Carlisle front cover] Carlisle in old picture postcards views11,12 Market scenes City Minutes 1901-02 p38 Approval for underground lavatory in Market Place Carlisle from the Kendall Collection; p99 photo of urinals CN p9 18th century Carlisle CN p4 Letters concerning deterioration and lack of amenity CN p9 Supp All through the ages the agricultural traders have...CN p2 Paddys Market will continue Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p28 Photo of market CN p8 Scattered markets, Shambles CN p8 Markets - what was sold where CN p10 Sands Cattle Market CN p10 Illustration of vegetable market CN p10 Illustration of potato market CN p1 Brunton Park market CN p1 Brunton Park market CN p15 Brunton Park market CN Supp xxiii When the country folk came to town CN p4 Street stalls go back long way CN p5 Farmers get own mart CN p9 (illus) Back to future for farm foods CN p7 Council backs farm markets; city centre likely CN p9 History of Paddys Market CN p9 Continental market in city centre CN p13 Letter concerning continental market; was it properly licensed?

Perriam MATERNITY HOMES see also CITY GENERAL; COLEDALE HALL; CUMBERLAND INFIRMARY; GEORGE STREET MATERNITY HOME CN p6 Story of maternity homes and midwifery; D. And a free guild and a free election of their mayor and baliffs within the said city.... CN p4 Troops Xmas gifts CN p7 Land sale anger CN p27 Factory pay stays frozen CN p2 1.6m boost CN p4 Soaring aluminium puts squeeze on CN p1 Metal Box takeover soon CN p1 More jobs could go CN p16 Wakeful residents - noise CN p14 Mc Vitties 600,000 deal CN p2 Factory to make way for 6m complex CN p10 (illus) How they carried the can at Metal Box for 40 years CN p10 (illus) Tin can dynasty CN p1 Pay out to worker CN p8 Name of Metal Box disappears METCALF, Joseph Builder, employing 29 men and 4 boys, aged 36, home address Princess Street, born Carlisle [1861 census] METCALF, Robert Builder, employing 23 men, aged 49, born Westward, home address Princess Street [1851 census] METCALFE PLANT HIRE CN p15 Ad METCALFE, J. Princess St see Metcalf, Joseph and Robert 1861 Morris and Harrison directory ad p7 Builders METCALFE, John Botchergate Tobacconist, hairdresser, newsagents Carlisle Museum has a shop sign in the shape of a Turkish gentleman smoking a pipe.

and Sat; list of streets used CP p1a Market for sale of butter, eggs move to New Market from 16.02 CP p1a Green/ veg.

market in front of Town Hall from Green Market CJ p3 Illustration of vegetable market 1877 photo of Lowther St poultry market; Carlisle in Camera 1 p6 City Minutes 1890-91 item 484 lists all street stalls, their business and location City Minutes 1905-06 p396 Removal of potato market from Tait St to Crescent City Minutes 1926-7 p699 No vending around the Cross from about this date CN p9 In the 1860s CN p5 Street markets CN p11 Paddys Market again after 20 years CN p4 (illus of Town Hall) Paddys Market and others CN p4 Old Street markets CJ p1 End Paddys Market call by traders CN p7 Paddys Market doubt - is it legal?

MCALPIN, Daniel Solicitor died [Monumental Inscription 85/33] MCALPIN, James Hosier, dealer CP p2d Bankruptcy of John Hart and James Mc Alpin MCALPINE, Alfred Hillcrest Avenue See also Senator CN p20 Cumbria house builder sold and now trading as Centaur Mc CAULEYS MUSIC HALL Peter Street; demolished circa 1938 CN p5 CN p5 Mc CAWLEY, D Scotch Arms Hotel, Rickergate CD 1893-94 Ad p174 MCCLUNG, Samuel CJ p2d Botchergate clockmaker, S.

Mc Clung, goes missing Mc CONNELL, Alexander Jeweller of this city died ; Monumental Inscription in St Cuthberts Yard MCCUMISKEY, P 60 Botchergate and 17 Collier Lane; moved to Crown Works in 1909, senior partner George Patrick Mc Cumiskey died in 1923 [CN p 10] 1882 Porters Directory Ad p160 Rags, ropes, hare and rabbit skins MCCUTCHEON, Henry L Ironmonger employing 1 apprentice, home address 31 Scotch St, born Carlisle [1851 census] Mac DONALD, P Botchergate Tailors CD 1910-11 Ad p114 CD 1913-14 Ad p150 CD 1920 Ad p316 Mc DOUGALL, Rose Decorators merchants CN p8 Ad MACE, Jem CJ Jem Maces Circus in Carlisle MACES see SWORDS AND MACES MACGAS CN p14 Ad Mc GEARY Portland Place Hairdressers CD 1893-94 Ad p182 Mc GIBBON, Edward Manufacturer of cotton goods, aged 49, home address 1 Lowther St, born Carlisle [1861 census] Mc GLASSON St Albans Row Fish, game and poultry CD 1927 Ad p68 CD 1931 Ad p256 CD 1934 Ad p60 CD 1937 Ad p52 CD 1940 Ad p62 CD 1952 Ad p297 CD 1955-56 Ad p242 CD 1961-62 Ad p272 CD 1966-68 Ad p266 CN p19 Ad Yesterdays Shopping in Carlisle p30 Photo of exterior Carlisle an illustrated history p65 1924 photo of exterior Mc GRATH, W. Lowther Street; Bank Street Footwear; William Joseph Mc Grath then bought by Colonel and Lady Stockdale then sold to Maisie Shiach whose son Callum is the current [2006] owner Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p62 CD 1955-56 Ad inside back cover vi, p62 CD 1961-62 Ad p260,back of inside cover CD 1966-68 Ad front inside cover, p267 CN p10 Feature on assistant who has worked there for45 years Mc HARDY, J. London Road Taxidermist, gun and fishing tackle dealer [J. Mc Hardy established a gunsmiths ans, fishing tackle and taxidemist business at 9 London Road in 1942, retiring from business in 1974 when the business was bought by a consortium of local business men W. 150 Anniversary p54 Two photos of shop CD 1952 Ad p384 Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p278 CD 1955-56 Ad p285 CD 1961-62 Ad p65 CN p Firm owned by John Park Mac INTOSH, Chas Scotch Street; English Street Waterproof manufacturer; India rubber products Leading Trader of the City Ad pi A616; established 1824 Old Carlisle; Second photographic recollection; J.

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