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The defendant is still in custody in Fez, while investigations are underway to determine the circumstances of the incident. Another investigative hearing will be carried out next Wednesday. Asmae Kabba, President of the Moroccan Association against Violence and Homelessness, is following the case closely and her organization is providing support to the victims.Kabba confirmed to MWN that during the first hearing on January 5, the defendant admitted to drugging and raping the two young girls.The defendant, however, was released after the parents of the minor girls affirmed that the French suspect is someone they know.

The 57-year old French passport holder was arrested on January 1.By Safaa Kasraoui - January 10, 2018 Rabat – Hundreds of residents in the Fez medina took to the streets today in anger at the recent attacks on little children in the city.They were demonstrating outside the Court of Appeal where a 57-year-old French man appeared on charges of rape and sexual assault on two girls aged 11 and 14.A week ago, the defendant was arrested in a tailor’s workshop in the Medina after allegedly committing sexual acts on the two little girls.The girls spoke to Moroccan news outlet Alyaoum24 earlier this week.

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