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That is the correct attitude, on every level, and he should prove his commitment to it through decisive, transparent action.For the good of the country, not to mention the political benefit of his presidency, Trump should embrace an arrangement on personal finances and business interests that is above reproach.Simply trusting someone not to succumb to the temptation of influence peddling and inside dealing -- even inadvertently -- because he or she is a member of your partisan 'tribe' isn't an intellectually defensible position.Here's a decent rule of thumb: If conservatives would have been angry or deeply suspicious of Mrs.A New York-based FBI investigation into possible public corruption connected to the foundation is reportedly still underway.There are scores of articles about how they fleece patients.The point is, I'm rarely disposed to support almost anything the Massachusetts Senator proposes.This could result in a string of needless and harmful distractions from Trump's agenda.

We welcome pakistani people because we were one once.......

The whole world is welcomed here and resides with great harmony :-) Let us put all these wars and misunderstandings aside, we are Brothers!!

Most of us also have a common Ancestry or Gene pool, after all we were one country earlier.

Let us unite and achieve more than to quarrel and blame each other!!

This is an elitist, exclusive medical practice which is being run as a business.

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