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Perhaps in contemporary reflection on sex and gender there is a dim awareness of the past few million years of evolution, of the progress we have made from 50% to 15%, and a sense that this trend towards non-dimorphism can be hastened by collective political will. Still, flat denial of dimorphism is an expression of how one would like things to be, not a description of how things are.And when dimorphism is finally reduced to 0%, and reproduction is taken care of by technicians in laboratories, and patriarchy is banished to the past, the claim that there is now no sex difference will still be a factual claim about certain entities in nature (entities that have arrived in their present condition by a combination of evolution and technocultural innovation).What is the difference between humans and lizards that justifies this distinction?

But to the extent that I take up positive stances on substantive philosophical issues, I do like to be clear on who my associates are.

And if we insist that anglerfish reproduction is just a natural fact, while human sex and sex difference is ‘constructed’, then we are more or less explicitly claiming that human beings are not animals alongside others, but that their essence is non-natural in origin.

This is a fundamentally conservative stance to take, and Butlerites share it with traditional Christian theology, among other currents of thought.

Those who, with Judith Butler, deny a distinction between sex and gender, however they may think of themselves, are either classical philosophical idealists, or they are anthropocentrist human-exceptionalists, and thus heirs to the legacy of the Christian theological model of the human being.

Consider this from a recent online ‘syllabus’: "Butler proves that the distinction between sex and gender does not hold.

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