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Connecting with new people can help you get more out of life.You’ll have more support systems who know what you’re going through and can share your trials and victories with you.Meetup will connect you with others who enjoy your interests by letting you search for groups within five miles of your location using any of the site’s categories or your own terms.For example, if you want to get moving but don’t have a specific sport in mind, you can look for groups in the fitness category.You can also ask members to contribute by paying annual dues or chipping in whatever they can to support the group.

Popular events include happy hours and specific activities like ski trips and cultural outings.A freshman at UPenn would have an easy time connecting with the on-campus clubs that match her academic and extracurricular interests.One downfall of Groupspaces is the way their pricing plans are set up.Smacktive gives you updates on the number of Smacktive users who are currently in your area, as well as the number of activities you can join in on nearby.Of course, simple probability suggests that this app will likely be most valuable to you if you live in a well-populated area like a city.

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