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I like her and want to see her in bigger roles but here she is a `minority face' in a predominately white film, just as she was in She's All That - maybe I'm being a little paranoid but that's what it feels like.

Overall I was taken by surprise as to how funny and lively this film was.

The comedy is built around the central plot with lots of nice touches and characters that are genuinely funny, such Mr Morgan and the erotic drama writing headmistress.

The jokes happily never stoop to the gross-out type and this helps it feel fresh and lively, rather than just scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

The problem is her sister, Kat, is negative, bad tempered and unfriendly and certainly undateable.

See more » Bianca announces she is the only Sophomore invited to the prom.

Not brilliant but compared to the mediocre bunch of teen comedies you COULD watch, this is fantastic!

Professor Antonella Sorace (University of Edinburgh and Bilingualism Matters) will deliver a plenary lecture on "Bilingualism: An Investment for Life" on Wednesday, December 7, at , on the Westend Campus of the Goethe University, IG Farben Building, room Eisenhower (with consecutive interpreting English → German).

Ledger is a real up and comer and he does well here - he doesn't over-egg his bad boy cake and his fall into love is believable.

Stiles is very cool and better than the teen roles she has had of late.

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