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In 894 Anarawd was able to repel a raid by a Danish host on North Wales, and the following year raided Death Notes: Killed by the Saxons. Although Offa's Dyke had been constructed in order to define the territories of the Welsh and the English, this did not prevent the successors of Offa from attacking Wales...The pressure upon Powys continued; after 855, Rhodri was its defender, and he and his son, Gwriad, were killed in a battle against the English in 878." ) was born circa 880 in Dinefwr Castle, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales and died about 950 about age 70.These pages represent the work of an amateur researcher and should not be used as a sole source by any other researcher. Corrections and contributions are encouraged and welcomed. Other names for Rhodri were Rhodri the Great, Rhodri Mawr, and Roderick "the Great." Birth Notes: May have been born sa late as 820.Death Notes: Killed in a battle against the English (Saxons) in 878.

About 904, Llywarch ap Hyfaidd, king of Dyfed, died; his kingdom came into the possession of Hywel ap Cadell ap Rhodri, the ruler of Seisyllwg and the husband of Elen, Llywarch's daughter.It was his victory over the Northmen in 856 which brought him international acclaim..."...Wales was less richly provided with the fertile land and with the navigable rivers which would have attracted [the Northmen], and the Welsh kings had considerable success in resisting them.Biography Hywel was born at around 880, the younger son of in 928 combined to enable him to formulate advanced ideas about law.A comparative study of law and lawmaking at the time reveals a deep concern for law and its documentation throughout Europe and also the Islamic world, the Cordoba Islamic Law translation schools being a fine example, from Greek to Arabic to Latin.

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