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They were once the most popular apple for cooking during the colonial era.

This apple has also been known as the burlington, ganges, and green winter pippin.

Not long out of Bermuda, Tew announced his intention of turning to piracy, asking the crew for their support since he could not enforce the illegal scheme without their consent.

Tew's crew reportedly answered with the shout, "A gold chain or a wooden leg, we'll stand with you!

George Mush Sweet Tooth Mush Tanba Shimeji Mush Tremella Mush Velvet Pioppini Mush White Button Mush White Large Dollar Mush White Medium Mush Wine Caps Mush Wood Ear Myoga Nance Nectarines Nectarines Donut Nectarines Honey Kist Nectarines Honeydew Nectarines Mango Nectarines Pegasus Nectarines Red Diamond Nectarines Stanwick Nectarines White Ninnikunome Nokanzo Noni Fruit Nopales Cactus Leaf Nuts Macadamia Green Nuts Almonds Green Fresh Nuts Chestnuts Fresh Nuts Chestnuts Japanese Nuts Ginkgo Nuts Heartnut Nuts Jabok Nuts Peanuts Green Nuts Pistachio Chinese Nuts Pistachio Raw Nuts Walnuts Green Fresh Nuts Walnuts Red Okahijiki Land Seaweed Okra Chinese Okra Cowhorn Okra Green Okra Hill Country Red Okra Jambalya Okra Red Okra Zarah Olives Chinese Olives Green Fresh Onion Sprouts Onions Asataki Onions Bianca de Maggio Onions Boiling Onions Boiling Red Onions Calcot Onions Calcot Red Onions Candy Onions Cipollini Italian Onions Cipollini Italian Red Onions Green Onions Honey Sweet Onions Italian Bunching Onions Maui Onions Pearl Drop Onions Pearl Gold Onions Pearl Red Onions Pearl White Onions Pyaz Onions Red Onions Red Tip Scallion Onions Red Young Onions Rosa Milano Onions Shallots Thai Onions Spring Onions Sweet Cal 1015 Onions Sweet Kula Onions Sweet Texas 1015 Onions Tokyo Negi Onions Torpedo Onions Tosca Onions Vidalia Onions Walking Tree Onions Walla Walla Onions Walla Walla Young Onions White Onions Yellow Ooba Green Ooba Red Oranges Oranges Amanatsu Oranges Bergamot Oranges Blood Arnold Oranges Blood Moro Oranges Blood Sanguinelli Oranges Blood Tarocco Oranges Blood Vaniglia Sanguigno Oranges Calamondin Oranges Cara Cara Oranges Chinotto Oranges Dalandan Oranges Dekopon Oranges Japanese Bitter Oranges Lima Oranges Mandarinquats Oranges Mikan Japanese Oranges Miyagawa Mandarin Oranges Mosambi Oranges Navel Oranges Navel Fukumoto Oranges Navelina Oranges Satgudi Oranges Setoka Oranges Seville Oranges Sour Dominican Republic Oranges Sumo Citrus® Oranges Temple Oranges Valencia Orn Corn Indian Orn Corn Mini Orn Gourd Gooseneck Orn Gourds Orn Leaves Holly Green Variegated Orn Stalks Corn Orn Stalks Wheat Bunch Orn Straw/Hay Mini Pacayas Palm Fruit Palm Peach Papaya (Sunrise) Strawberry Papaya Green Papaya Mexican Papaya Oak Leaved Papaya Tainung Papeda Ichang Parvar (Pointed Gourd) Passionfruit Banana Passionfruit Lilikoi Passionfruit Panama Red Passionfruit Purple Passionfruit Yellow Pawpaw Pea Tendrils Lamborn Pea Vines Peaches Peaches Blood Peaches Blood White Peaches Donut™ Peaches Green Peaches Ice Peaches June Pride Peaches Last Chance Peaches O'Henry Peaches Ougon Peaches Red Top Peaches Tango Peaches White Peaches Wild Peacotum Peanut Butter Fruit Peanuts Fresh Pears 20th Century Pears Abate Fetel Pears Angelys Pears Anjou Pears Anjou Red Pears Asian Pears Asian Cho Juro Pears Asian Hosui Pears Asian Kikusui Pears Asian Kosui Pears Asian Shinko Pears Bambinella Pears Bartlett Pears Bartlett Red Pears Bella Lucrative Pears Belle De Bruxelle Pears Belle Ole Bruxelles Pears Black Worcester Pears Bosc Pears Buerre Brown Pears Cactus Green Pears Cactus Red Pears Cactus Yellow Pears Carmen Pears Carrick Pears Clapp's Favorite Pears Comice Pears Comice Red Pears Concorde Pears Conference Pears Corella Pears Dino Egg Pears Duchesse d'Angouleme Pears Dutch Holland Pears Dutchess D'Angouleme Pears Fan Stil Pears Fin de Siecle Pears Florana Pears Forelle Pears Fragrant Pears French Butter Pears Garber Pears General Leclerc Pears Glou Morceau Pears Grey Pears Honey Bellle Pears Kalle Pears Kel Ways King Pears Kieffer Pears Monterrey Pears Nakh Pears Nouveau Poiteau Pears Packham Pears Papple Pears Red Beurre Hardy Pears Red Crimson Pears Seckel Pears Shandong Pears Starkrimson Pears Taylor's Gold Pears Tosca Pears Warren Pears Williams Pears Winter Nellis Pears Yali Peas Black Eye Peas Cream Peas English Peas Pink Eyed Peas Purple Hull Peas Snap Golden Peas Snap Purple Peas Snap Stringless Peas Snow Peas Snow Golden Peas Snow Purple Peas Top Pick Pink Eye Purple Hull Peas White Acre Pegaga Pepinos Pepinos Purple Pepper Chile Sichuan Pepper Chile Aji Amarillo Pepper Chile Aji Colorado Pepper Chile Aji Crystal Pepper Chile Aji Limo Pepper Chile Aji Panca Pepper Chile Aleppo Pepper Chile Anaheim Green Pepper Chile Anaheim Red Pepper Chile Antohi Romanian Pepper Chile Arbol Red Pepper Chile Banana Pepper Chile Beaver Dam Pepper Chile Black Cobra Pepper Chile Blueberry Pepper Chile Bulgarian Carrot Pepper Chile Bull Nose Pepper Chile Cachucha Pepper Chile Cachucha Red Pepper Chile Calabrian Pepper Chile Carolina Reaper Pepper Chile Cayenne Golden Pepper Chile Cayenne Green Pepper Chile Cayenne Orange Pepper Chile Cayenne Purple Pepper Chile Cayenne Red Pepper Chile Cayenne String Pepper Chile Charapita Pepper Chile Cherry Red Pepper Chile Chilaca Pepper Chile Chinese Five Color Pepper Chile Cow Horn Pepper Chile Cubanelle Italian Green Pepper Chile Cubanelle Italian Red Pepper Chile Datil Pepper Chile De Agua Pepper Chile Docellto Sweet Pepper Chile Elephant Ear Pepper Chile Espelette Pepper Chile Ethiopian Brown Pepper Chile Fatalii Pepper Chile Fish Pepper Chile Fresno Orange Pepper Chile Fresno Red Pepper Chile Friggitello Pepper Chile Fushimi Pepper Chile Ghost Chocolate Pepper Chile Ghost Green Pepper Chile Ghost Red Pepper Chile Green Pepper Chile Guernica Pepper Chile Habanero Black Pepper Chile Habanero Orange Pepper Chile Habanero Red Pepper Chile Habanero Sweet Pepper Chile Hatch New Mexico Green Pepper Chile Hawaiian Pepper Chile Highlander Hot Pepper Chile Hungarian Pepper Chile Hungarian Hot Pepper Chile Italian Frying Pepper Chile Italian Long Sweet Pepper Chile Italian Long Sweet Red Pepper Chile Jalapeno Dutch Pepper Chile Jalapeno Green Pepper Chile Jalapeno Orange Pepper Chile Jalapeno Red Pepper Chile Jalapeno White Pepper Chile Jamaican Yellow Mushroom Pepper Chile Jimmy Nardello Pepper Chile Korean Hot Pepper Chile Kung Pao Pepper Chile Kyo-Midori Pepper Chile Lantern Hot Pepper Chile Lipstick Pepper Chile Manganji Pepper Chile Manzana Pepper Chile Mariachi Pepper Chile Oranos Pepper Chile Padron Pepper Chile Paprika Alma Pepper Chile Paprika Leutschauer Pepper Chile Paprika Pimentos Pepper Chile Pasilla Green Pepper Chile Pasilla Red Pepper Chile Pequin Pepper Chile Peter Pepper Chile Piment d' Anglet Pepper Chile Piquillo Pepper Chile Point Pepper Chile Portugal Hot Pepper Chile Raja Mirchi Pepper Chile Red Pepper Chile Roaster Red Pepper Chile Rocoto Pepper Chile Romano Red Pepper Chile Scorpion Red Pepper Chile Scorpion Yellow Pepper Chile Scotch Bonnets Pepper Chile Scotch Bonnets Red Pepper Chile Serrano Green Pepper Chile Serrano Red Pepper Chile Shishito Green Pepper Chile Shishito Red Pepper Chile Sigaretta Dolce Pepper Chile Siling Labuyo Pepper Chile Sugar Rush Peach Pepper Chile Sweet Tooth Orange Pepper Chile Sweet Tooth Red Pepper Chile Tepin Pepper Chile Thai Green Pepper Chile Thai Orange Pepper Chile Thai Red Pepper Chile Toro de Oro Pepper Chile Urfa Biber Pepper Chile Witch Stick Pepper Chile Yellow Pepper Chile Yum Yum Pepper Dried Anahiem Pepper Dried Ancho Pepper Dried Arbol Pepper Dried Cascabel Pepper Dried Cayenne Pepper Dried Chipotle Pepper Dried Espelette Pepper Dried Ghost Chile Pepper Dried Guajillo Pepper Dried Habanero Pepper Dried Japanese Pepper Dried Morita Pepper Dried Mulato Pepper Dried New Mexico Pepper Dried Pasilla Negro Pepper Dried Pequin Pepper Dried Pulla Pepper Dried Scotch Bonnet Pepper Dried Shishito Pepper Dried Siling Labuyo Pepper Dried Tepin Pepper Dried Yunnan Peppercorns Peppercorns Pink Peppercorns Sichuan Persimmons American Persimmons Dried Persimmons Fuyu Persimmons Gosho Persimmons Hachiya Persimmons Hoshigaki Persimmons Hyakume Persimmons Izu Persimmons Jiro Persimmons Lilac Persimmons Maru (Cinnamon) Persimmons Saijo Persimmons Sharon Fruit Persimmons Tamopan Persimmons Tsuru Noko "Chocolate" Persimmons Vanilla Kaki Petai Pineapple Pineapple Baby Queen Victoria Pineapple Honey Cream Pineapple Peach Pineapple Sugar Loaf Plerries Plums Plums Burgundy Plums Cherry Plums Damson Blue Plums Damson Yellow Plums Davidson Plums Elephant Heart Plums Golden Nectar Plums Greengage Plums Howard's Miracle Plums Italian Prunes Plums June Plums Lemon Plums Mirabelle de Metz Plums Persian Sour Plums Plumcot Plums Pluot Plums Santa Rosa Plums Satsuma Plums Shiro Plums Sierra Plums Sugar Plums Sumomo Plums Ume Plums Wild Plums Yummy Rosa® Pomegranates Pink Pomegranates Red Pomegranates White Pomelo Pomelo African Shaddock Pomelo Chandler Pomelo Honey Chinese Pomelo Mato Buntan Pomelo Reinking Pomelo Rubidoux Pomelo Tahitian Pomelo Thong Dee Pomelo Valentine Potatoes Agria Potatoes Air Potatoes Ambo Potatoes Anno Imo Potatoes Austrian Cresent Potatoes Blushing Violet Potatoes Bodega Red Potatoes Carola Potatoes Colorado Red Potatoes Cranberry Red Potatoes Creamer Purple Potatoes Creamer Red Potatoes Creamer White Potatoes Creamer Yellow Potatoes Cyprus Potatoes Danshaku Potatoes Fingerling Amarosa Potatoes Fingerling Anya Potatoes Fingerling French Potatoes Fingerling Mix Peewee Potatoes Fingerling Purple Potatoes Fingerling Red Thumb Potatoes Fingerling Rub Cre Potatoes Fingerling Rus Ban Potatoes Finnish Potatoes German Butterball Potatoes Honeysuckle Potatoes Island Sunshine Potatoes Kennebec Potatoes King Edwards Potatoes Kipfler Potatoes Kita Akari Potatoes Kufri Pukhraj Potatoes La Ratte Potatoes Magic Molly Potatoes Maris Piper Potatoes Masquerade Potatoes May Queen Potatoes Mezame Potatoes Midnight Moon Potatoes Mukago Tiny Potatoes Oca Cherry Red Potatoes Oca Rose Pink Potatoes Oca Sunrise Potatoes Onaway Potatoes Ozette Potatoes Papapura Potatoes Prairie Blush Potatoes Purple Potatoes Red Potatoes Red Rebel Potatoes Russet Potatoes Shetland Black Potatoes Sierra Gold Potatoes Sweet Potatoes Sweet Boniato Potatoes Sweet Cilembu Potatoes Sweet Gorojima Potatoes Sweet Japanese Potatoes Sweet Japanese Purple Potatoes Sweet Murasaki Potatoes Sweet O'Henry Potatoes Sweet Stokes Purple® Potatoes Vitelotte Potatoes White Rose Potatoes Yams Baby Potatoes Yams Chinese Potatoes Yams Garnet Potatoes Yams Jewel Potatoes Yams Okinawan Potatoes Yams Ubi Badak Potatoes Yukon Gold Prekese Pumpkins Pumpkins Big Mac Pumpkins Blue Pumpkins Cinderella Pumpkins Fairytale Pumpkins Kakai Pumpkins Knucklehead Pumpkins Mini Pumpkins Mini Tiger Pumpkins Mini White Pumpkins Munchkin Pumpkins Pam Pumpkins Pink Pumpkins Rouge Vif D' Etampes Pumpkins Sparkler Pumpkins Styrian Pumpkins Sugar Pie Pumpkins Sugar Pie Organic Pumpkins White Quince Quince Aromatnaya Quince Cooke's Jumbo Radish Akane Radish Amethyst Radish Black Radish Black Japanese Radish Candela de Fuoco Radish Cincinnati Radish Daikon Radish Daikon Beni Shigure Radish Daikon Mini Radish Daikon Purple Radish Easter Egg Radish Fakir Radish French Breakfast Radish German Beer Radish Green Meat Radish Helios Radish Icicle Radish Japanese Red Cherry Radish Korean Lo Buc Radish Mardi Gras Radish Ninja Purple Radish Ostergruß Radish Plum Purple Radish Pods Radish Purple Radish Red Radish Scarlet Radish Shunkyo Radish Snowball Radish Sparkler Radish Watermelon Radish Zlata Raisin Tree Japanese Rambutan Rapini Rapini Olive Leaf Rapini Purple Rapini Thai Red Palm Fruit Rhubarb Rice Shoots Wild Romanesco Root Arrowroot Root Burdock Root Celery Root Chervil Root Chicory Root Dill Root Fennel Root Galangal Root Galangal Young Root Ginger Root Ginger Flower Root Ginger Young Root Ginseng Root Gobo Root Horseradish Root Kava Root Kohlrabi Green Root Kohlrabi Purple Root Licorice Root Lotus Root Malanga Root Mustard Root Name Root Parsley Root Parsnips Root Rutabaga Root Salsify Root Sunchokes Root Sunchokes Red Root Suran (Elephant Foot Yam) Root Tapioca Root Taro Big Root Taro Satoimo Root Taro Stems Root Tsukune Imo Root Tugi Root Turmeric Root Turmeric Black Root Wasabi Root White Yautia Root Yacón Root Yama Root Yamaimo Root Yamaino Kyoto Root Yatsugashira Root Yellow Root Yellow Name Root Yuca Rose Apples Rukam Salak Sangri Sansho Santol Sapodilla Sapote Sapote Black Sapote Cricket Ball Sapote Mamey Sapote White Lamertz Sapote Yellow Sea Beans Seeds Ajowan Shallot Shoots Shallots Shea Fruit Snake Fruit Snake Gourd Soursop Spanish Limes Spinach Spinach Arrowhead Spinach Baby Spoon Spinach Bloomsdale Spinach Bordeaux Spinach Chinese Spinach Flamingo Spinach Giant Noble Spinach Malabar Spinach Malabar Red Spinach Mandolin Spinach New Zealand Spinach Okami Green Spinach Okami Red Spinach Okinawa Spinach Red Spinach Savoy Spinach Strawberry Spinach Water Spinach Wild (Lambs Quarter) Sprts Alfalfa Sprts Bean Mix Sprts Bean Mung Sprts Broccoli Sprts China Rose Sprts Kaiware Sprts Pea Shoots Green Sprts Pea Shoots Yellow Sprts Sunflower Greens Sprts Wheat Grass Organic Bulk Squash Acorn Gold Squash Acorn Green Squash Acorn White Squash Baby Crookneck Yellow Squash Baby Gold Bar Squash Baby Patty Pan Green Squash Baby Patty Pan Yellow Squash Baby Summer Mix Squash Baby Yellow w/ Flower Squash Baby Zephyr Squash Baby Zucchini Green Squash Baby Zucchini Green Squash Baby Zucchini w/ Flower Squash Banana Squash Buttercup Green Squash Buttercup Orange Squash Butternut Squash Butternut Violina Di Rugosa Squash Calabasa Squash Candy Roaster Squash Carnival Squash Chayote Squash Chayote Prickly Squash Chayote White Squash Chilacayote Squash Colinky Squash Confection Squash Crookneck Yellow Squash Cucuzza Squash Cupcake Squash Delicata Squash Dumpling Squash Eight Ball Squash Eight Ball White Squash Eight Ball Yellow Squash Fairy Squash Flying Saucer Squash Galeux d' Eysines Squash Gold Bar Squash Golden Nugget Squash Honeynut Squash Hubbard Squash Kabocha Squash Kabocha Orange Squash Long Squash Long Island Cheese Squash Lunga Di Napoli Squash Macho Blossoms Squash Marina di Chiogga Squash Opo Squash Papaya Squash Porcelain Doll Squash Pumpkin Squash Pumpkindisco Squash Red Kuri Squash Red Warty Thing Squash Romanesco Costata Squash Ronde De Nice Squash Secret Squash Spaghetti Squash Stripetti Squash Tahitian Squash Tetsukabuto Squash Tonda American Squash Tromboncino Squash Turban Squash Yellow Straight Squash Zapallo del Tronco Squash Zucchini Chinese Squash Zucchini Goldmine Squash Zucchini Green Squash Zuchini w/Flower Star Apple Star Fruit Taiwanese Star Fruit White Stinking Toe Fruit Sugar Apple Sugar Apple Purple Sugar Cane Sugar Cane Purple Sugar Cane Swizzle Sukanpo SUMO CITRUS® Tamarillo Gold Tamarillo Red Tamarind Tampoi Tangelos Lavender Gem Tangelos Minneola Tangelos Wekiwa Tangerines Tangerines Algerian Tangerines Clementines Tangerines Clementines Oroval Tangerines Clementines Red Tangerines Daisy Tangerines Encore Tangerines Fremont Tangerines Gold Nugget Tangerines Honey Tangerines Kishu Tangerines Lee Tangerines Murcott Tangerines Page Tangerines Perfection Tangerines Pixie Tangerines Satsuma Tangerines Sunburst Tangerines Super Nova Tangerines Tahoe Gold Tangerines Tango Tangerines Temecula Sweets Tangerines Yosemite Gold Taranome Taro Stems Teasel Gourd Tiger Nuts Tinda Tindora Tom Ananas Bleue Tom Beefsteak Tom Chef's Choice Orange Tom Chry Tom Chry Abracazebra Tom Chry Black Tom Chry Campari Tom Chry Cherry Bomb Tom Chry Cherry Punch Tom Chry Chocolate Sprinkles Tom Chry Grape Atomic Tom Chry Grape Red Tom Chry Grape Yellow Tom Chry Green Tom Chry Green Doctors Tom Chry Green Grape Tom Chry Indigo Blue Berries Tom Chry Indigo Blue Chocolate Tom Chry Indigo Cream Berries Tom Chry Indigo Rose Tom Chry Italian Ice Tom Chry Kumato Tom Chry Mint Julep Tom Chry Orange Tom Chry Pink Tiger Tom Chry Punch Tom Chry Snow White Tom Chry Sugary Tom Chry Sungreen Tom Chry Sunrise Bumblebee Tom Chry Swt 100s Red Tom Chry Teardrop Red Tom Chry Teardrop Yellow Tom Chry Tomatoberry Tom Chry Uptown Funk Tom Chry Wapsipinicon Peach Tom Chry Yellow Tom Currant Red Tom Currant Yellow Tom Datterini Tom Early Girl Tom El Dorado Tom Green Tom Green Giant Tom Heirlm Ananas Noire Tom Heirlm Assorted Tom Heirlm Big Rainbow Tom Heirlm Black Icicle Tom Heirlm Black Krim Tom Heirlm Black Plum Tom Heirlm Black Sea Man Tom Heirlm Bosque Bumblebee Tom Heirlm Brandywine Tom Heirlm Brandywine Pink Tom Heirlm Brandywine Yellow Tom Heirlm Ceour de Boeuf Red Tom Heirlm Cherokee Purple Tom Heirlm Costoluto Genovese Tom Heirlm Cow Heart Tom Heirlm Cream Sausage Tom Heirlm Dr.

They make good substitutes for more well-known apples such as Granny Smiths.The skin of these apples is bright green, with a creamy, firm flesh.The flavor is very tart when picked, but mellows and sweetens as it ages.Tew's 45 men afterward shared out between £1,200 and £3,000 per man, and Tew himself claimed about £8,000. Benjamin Fletcher, royal governor of Province of New York, became good friends with Tew and his family.Tew eventually paid off the owners of the Amity, who recouped fourteen times the value of the vessel.

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