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Actor and businessman Brian White may star as the bad guy in the new play “What My Husband Doesn’t Know,” but the renaissance and family man is actually the type of guy fantasies are made of. In between stops for David Talbert’s latest hit, White shared how the play inspires him to keep his own marriage strong and why love has made him a better man. I was raised by my mom to wait to find that woman I couldn’t live without. I never really envisioned getting married or put much thought into it. As a natural athlete, how do you stay active with such a busy schedule and traveling? Right now we are in a five-day-a-week boot camp and Pilates regimen. We also do a lot of healthy cooking at home and something we enjoy together. Or, maybe the year before when we did New Year’s in Paris. My father always spoils my stepmother and I always said when I find that one, I am going to do the same. You are going to have women asking if you have a brother .

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