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Having a kid, whether it's your first or fourth, puts your marriage on the back burner temporarily and that leads some men to look outside their relationships for attention and validation. "That's when a man can feel unseen, undersexed, neglected, and has tremendous pressure to perform at work and provide for the family." It's completely normal when you've just had a kid to not have as much time or energy for your husband (whether it's date nights, sex, or convos about anything other than diapers or dinner)."Couples are vulnerable to infidelity during the first five years of a child's life," says Marlene Wasserman, a.k.a. It's also natural that the man might feel a little left out of the mom-child bond, which can be intimidatingly powerful, especially right after birth.

Does your intuition say those new too-cool-for-school sunglasses are just a phase or are they a sign he wants to look sexier for someone who's not you?If your husband is being dishonest about seemingly trivial stuff, like how many drinks he had at a party or how much he spent on that new laptop, it could mean he's toying with the idea of lying about something much bigger."Infidelity is about keeping secrets of any kind in an intimate relationship," says Robert Weiss, therapist, sex addiction expert, and author of .On the other hand, if he's become super vain overnight, that could be cause for concern."If he suddenly changes his hair or clothes, those are big signs that he could be trying to impress someone," says Bela Gandhi, dating coach and founder and CEO of the Smart Dating Academy.

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