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In the 1997 film, James Gandolfini, who is best known as Tony Soprano in the HBO series The Sopranos is cast as Juror Six.

One thing that is added to this film is Juror Six pronounces his respect for elders when he forces the other jurors to listen to the elderly Juror Nine.

Heck, building vocabulary is the main activity of avid dating teenagers.

Suddenly things will be easier: conversations, interviews, tests, Shakespeare, did we mention SAT Vocabulary?

He said the suggestions from the prosecution "didn't cut the mustard"."Is that really attempting to enter a premises? He also noted the group was there for more than 10 minutes, while Mr Batagoda called police, and they still did not manage to get in.

He told the jury it was equally likely "they were there to do what they told the police".

He also said the tools said to be used to break in consisted of a knife, piece of wire and pipe, when the men had more effective tools in the car.Three vigilantes intended to intimidate or harm a Canberra sex offender when they went to his home with a knife after watching a video of him abusing a young girl earlier this year, a court has heard.Joshua Darcy Watson, 33, Paul Arthur Palmer, 39, and Daniel James Nicholas, 31, were charged with attempted burglary, after Sunil Batagoda, called Triple-0 saying three men were trying to break in and that he feared for his life.Juror Six in Reginald Rose's 12 Angry Men is not one of the more dynamic characters on the jury.He is a blue collar worker that makes his living as a housepainter and finds the more educated jurors intimidating.

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