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The Karate program runs on continuous 8-week sessions. Nerf Games Challenges TEAM registration We are going to close the Ragsdale Community Center as it becomes a living video game.

Beginner classes is where participants will earn their White Belt. We make teams and compete in multiple NERF GUN CHALLENGES to see which team will be SUPREME.

Honor your body by taking this multi-level hatha yoga class taught to establish the rhythm of movement to breath and to stretch your muscles and bring peace to your mind.

Instructor: Susan Chappell Yoga 2017 RAGSDALE COMMUNITY CENTERPracticing yoga brings health and harmony to your body, mind, and spirit.

An official certified copy of the child’s birth record must be provided.

(A photocopy of the child’s birth certificate will not meet this requirement.) At the time of enrollment, the child must be five years of age or reach his/her fifth birthday on or before September 30th of the current school year.

Jimenez wasn't working at the Dinwiddie County Sheriff's Office at that time, but the commonwealth’s attorney said Jimenez was working in law enforcement during that time.

During Wednesday’s hearing, the defense had six witnesses testify, including Jimenez's brother, his niece, co-workers, a neighbor and someone who served with him in the military. The defense showed that Jimenez owns his home in Dinwiddie and has a job waiting for him working in an auto shop.

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The Karate program runs on continuous 8-week sessions. Matches are held every Sunday against programs from Prince George, Thomas Dale, Hopewell, Clover Hill, and Colonial Heights, and other localities.The Karate program runs on continuous 8-week sessions.Advanced class is for participants that have earned their Yellow Belt and will begin working on their Green, Blue, Brown, or Black Belts.In order to enroll a child in a public school system in Virginia, state law requires a parent or guardian of a child to provide certain information to the child’s school division.The required information is listed below: All students enrolling in Dinwiddie County Public Schools need to have the following registration form completed which includes information such as the child’s name, date of birth, social security number, address, and parent/guardian information among other things: If a court has awarded you legal parental custody of your child, you must attach a copy of the Custody Order including the visitation rights during the day.

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